Nova Concept came to me needing a website header for their branding refresh.

Their touch stone was that iconic piece of minimalism from Apple.

This never got finished properly. So its still a little janky. The decision was made, after a few rounds of work, that live action reflected their work and suited the brand better. You win some, you lose some.

Based on the reference and their rough boards, we arrived at some variations on the first look.
Its pretty derivative of the reference, Unhappy with where it was at, and uncomfortable with just how similar the client was pushing towards the Apple style. I went off and tried again.
This was well received by the client, so we pushed forward, adjusting the colours to bring things closer to their branding.
Wanted to share this failure, I definitely made mistakes. Burnt too much time sending flawed work to the client. But I like the final look we landed on.
Cinema 4D, Cycles4D, X-Particles, After Effects.
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