Client - Reece Group
Agency - Sandpit
Role - 3D Artist / Compositor

Cinema4D, X-Particles, Houdini, Redshift, After Effects.

Assisted Sandpit in bring to life content for the unusual installation at the clients HQ here in Melbourne, a super long ribbon LED screen that traverses multiple floors. The job started with some more abstract directions for both interactive data displays and passive content, through collaboration with the client we ended up in more naturalistic executions.

Utilized both X-Particles and Houdini's FLIP solvers to create different looks and rendered in old faithful, Redshift. The final resolution of the screens was 18,816px * 240px which proved interesting to set cameras for. To save our sanity and keep render / sim time to a minimum we treated the lowest point of the ribbon as an seam, mirroring the animation out from there.
An Artist impression of the installation (supplied 3D model from another artist)
The pitch deck explored some more abstract concepts of streams of data, the idea being the colour of the trails would respond to sales data in real time.
The client really responded well to these bubbles created in X-Particles. For the shader nerds, the colour shift on the bigger bubble fx is done all in shader, not with coloured lights.
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