M&Ms - Mocha Mudcake Social Campaign 
Client: Mars 
Agency: Creaytive 
Director: Christopher Reay 
Motion: OPT/MIST 
Creative Director/Animation: Patrick Taylor 
Simulation Lead: Jason Poley

Houdini / Cinema 4D / Redshift
Brought in to work on the fluid simulation and assist with texturing the fluid / optimise the redshift setup. The clients brief was to have a fluid that behaves like coffee at the start but finished with a much higher viscosity, like the gooey centre of the MM.

Tested out having the viscosity increase with proximity to cage geo (left) with the idea of using the supplied sculpted fluid as a guide mesh. After some discussion and rnd we ended up moving forward with having the viscosity simply increasing over time (right) with a SOP solver, so we get the initial splash but the nice thick viscus feel as it drops over the cups edge. Adding to this effect we animated the VDB Reshape Offset over the shot making the fluid thicker visually to reinforce the effect.
Later in the process the client requested a specific drip extended further down the side of the cup, to avoid endless faffing around with dialling in the variables for the viscosity transformation, I "simply" soft transformed the final frame of the simulation as points, blended this over the final few frames of the shot. then converted this to a VDB and blended this VDB with the main simulation.
Lastly we were able to add some steam with the ever reliable Axiom solver. 
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