Studio - MISTER (Sydney)
Role - Particle Wizard

Cinema4D & X-Particles

Brought onto a project to build on some dense particle shots started by the talented artists at MISTER. The main ask was to create natural feeling dense fish shoals for ore-animated sharks to swim through as part of a 180 degree dome projection. Two different approaches worked for the two different shoals of fish.

Early test using xpFlocking. Key discovery was that an attractor modifier set to negative values is more effective than the avoid modifier in this situation.
Using a combination of flow fields, flocking & follow splines to create the overall shoal shapes, with falloffs triggering group changes to get the fish to flee from their predators.
A fun quick thing was creating an XP rig to simulate air bubbles billowing off a sub as it gets dropped into the water. (Ultimately this look was refined by MISTER for the final.)
Lastly these lazy shoals just chilling over the reef were fun to put together.
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