Client - Wavelength Productions
Studio - Yukfoo

Animation Director - Alan Dickson
Animation Producer - Kate Goodwin
Art Director - Jason Poley
CG Lead - Jason Poley
FX Supervisor - Octavio De Lellis
Character Animation - Jessica Herrera
Character design - Jacqueline Nguyen
Character design - Alex Dron
CG Modelling - Deep Chahal

Cinema 4D, x-Particles, Houdini, Redshift, Substance & Fusion.

Charge with designing and rendering the over all look and feel of the animated sections of the documentary film "Let Me Be Me" with the lovely folks at Yukfoo. It was a beautiful project to be apart of, and we really sank ourselves into making this. Everything being fabric was the clear direction required and from there we ran with out imaginations.

This was both a massive technical and artistic challenge, and a project I think pushed me hard in both directions.
Early texture tests, pulling from substance source and experimenting with having carboard as a construction element. Something we steered away from quite early in the process.

Below is the first style frame I put together, and how it evolved through the iterations. 
This colour narrative was used to communicate to the client the intentionality of our colour choices, reflecting mood and the point in the story. Culminating in the colours used for the climatic fashion show.
The trees were procedurally generated, along with the ground, in Houdini, but almost everything else was painstakingly modeled by Deep with some assistance from my self. Getting to construct a castles a bit of a dream come true.
Early spider test I still love. Animating on 4's was a choice made early on to mimic a stop motion aesthetic. The fact this kept renders manageable and within budget was just a happy accident ;).
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