Agency - Imagination (LA)
Role - Car texturing (Redshift) & Reveal VFX
Cinema4D, X-Particles & Redshift

Co-Conspirators - Chris Frey, Cadre & Simon Bronson
Main role on the project was to developing the particle fx. Original reference had some more light trail look, with a system for painting the car built on the initial streaky particles painting a vertex map which was fed into a Redshift shader alpha channel. Even though the creative moved away from the streaks, we kept the technique as it gave us a nice broken up and organic feel to the transition.
Very early on there was a requirement to mimic long exposure photography. Whilst this was ultimately abandoned for the final I'm really happy with where I landed with this technique and look. A tracer is baked to alembic, drawing on over the shot. Then using a FFD deformer in c4d to get splines flowing over the car. The textured look is a direct rip of the old iPod commercial technique in particular in AE. some custom shapes extruded along the spline to give a more textured feel. Little Redshift magic and we're done.
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