Client - Andromeda

Role - Concept Artist / 3D modelling & Rendering

Cinema 4D, Redshift & After Effects
Engage directly by Andromeda to help conceptualise a production version of their existing prototype healthcare robot, Abi. The Protoype already had a charm and personality of their own, which we continued on into the product concept version. We worked closely with sketches to explore shape and form before bringing the new look Abi into the third dimension. The core emphasis was to have an approachable and warm design whilst conveying the high tech and professional healthcare Abi is design to assist with.
The excellent Andromeda website (by About Today) features the renders throughout.
Sketches and early renders from the process.
Renders we also produced of the prototype for early investor meetings, Abi was produced from which ever PLA happened to be in the printer at the time, giving the fun mismatched aesthetic.
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